God Dream

Ohio is in the heart of the Rust Belt.

Once filled with people alive, populating growing vibrant cities. But now, just like it’s lonely abandoned factories, many Ohio cities are filled with people who wake up to a gray, sin-tainted, hopeless existence.

Who don’t know their real God-given identity or purpose they got out of bed to live.

Who live hating people different than them and tired of trusting people who continue to hurt them.

Who turn to numbing it, finding others to blame for it, and hiding in their shame of it.

They look to a church that doesn’t preach a big enough gospel to fix it. 

Any so many beautiful people in our communities, who God loves dearly, choose to simply check out and quit.

We are ready to wake up to something different.

Ushered in by Jesus Christ, our torch-bearer of vibrant light. And we are His Church.

Waking up For the Light of Jesus, so that our neighborhoods, businesses, schools, and families begin waking up To the light of Jesus.

We are people forgiven, resurrected, and restored by Jesus to live bright vibrant lives that shout to others, ‘don’t hate, don’t hide, don’t blame, not anymore!’ 

‘Wake up to new identity no matter what our past. Wake up to fight a spiritual war against our real enemy. Wake up to deep reconciliation that covers over generations of sin. Wake up to God-given purpose and relationships that last forever. Wake up and look out out the window to see communities transforming from dark and dull to colorful and alive.’

Wake up to the light of Jesus Christ, who brings beautiful, vibrant, grace-filled color to our communities through His Church that multitudes will come to Ohio to see.

And when they ask ‘what happened here?’ we will only be able to say, “Ohio woke up to the Light of Jesus”.